Places where I have worked and/or exhibited one or more times:

Panarea/ Ikaria /Westcoast Greece/Grecia/ Toscana / Monte Labbro/ Cornate/ Gran Canyon/ Sedona (Arizona)/ El Bolson-Patagonia/ Pucon-Chile/ Firenze-Florence/ Massa Marittima/ Colle Val d’Elsa/ Pignano(Volterra)/ Cala Violina/ Livigno/ Cividale in Friuli/ Duderstadt/ Bamberg/ Stuttgart/ Schloss Bartenstein/ Sassofortino/ Grosseto (FestAmbiente-Enaoli)/ Paganico/ Casole d’Elsa/ Mensano/ Lido-Venezia/ Murlo/ Porcigniano/ Pescia-Biennale dei Fiori/ Badia a Isola/ Vico d’Elsa/ Monteroni d’Arbia/ Calvi(Corsica)/ Ile Rousse(Corsica)/ Nizza-Nice/ Montserrat(Catalonia/ deserto Karakum/ Cefalù/ Paterno/ Rosignano Marittimo/ Venturina(Piombino)/ Crotone/ Ruffano(Salento)/ Radicondoli/ Belforte/ Ko Samet/ Rajneeshpuram(Oregon)/ Pune/ Gamlitz-Steiermark/ San Gimignano……e/and in the Dreamwoods/Selva di Sogno…..

Ausstellungen Manfred Flucke

“Deva Manfredo’s stones are parts of an imposing mosaic that incorporates all dimensions of space, with symbolic figurations, mysterious paths, unsettling statues, palaces and fairy-tale temples, and finally even cities with complex architectural structures in which we find courtyards, passages,towers and battlements, monumental gates…. “

“It is not easy to express in words what we see before us, but our soul knows exactly, our memory knows these forms, the most forgotten layer of our consciousness is immediately addressed, the contact happens abruptly, we do not know exactly how and why, but we are enlightened by an immediate fascination. The message arrives immediately, beyond reason and control.

It is significant to see how, in front of these landscapes, constantly abused categories such as ‘culture, sculpture, architecture, land art, archaeology, crafts’ , or simply ‘play’ or even ‘religion’ collapse: There is something before (or after?) art. And this is the most interesting and perhaps most disturbing aspect: you feel as if you are the first person to arrive on earth – at the origin of the world…”
– Anna Casserino da Como-

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