Great discovery

“A special place. With a plan, you then set out and marvel at the artist’s creativity and decades of verve. You should plan enough time and provisions to enjoy the forest in all its beauty. A very successful diversion!”

Overwhelmed by the stone forest, this grandiose life’s work of Deva Manfredo. Enchanting encounter arranged with much love and feeling. The interplay of art and nature, coupled with an eye for the essential and dreamy, this is the Dreamwoods near Siena, Tuscany, Italy. A fantastic sculpture park – coupled with incredible diligence and passion.

The Dream Forest is one of those places in Europe where you feel enchanted, energies and yourself. – A tourist attraction with archaic charm.

The most unique art I have ever seen. He took an incredible amount of work to collect great stones and arrange them creatively. A visit to this forest is an absolute must!

Manfredo collected an amazing variety of stones over the years and has used them to create amazing installations and small works of art in the natural forest. It’s not a pretentious artist’s park, but a quiet, natural place to come to rest and dream…… We have now been there three times and have completely forgotten the time….

Very touching our afternoon today at Dreamwoods. Simply heavenly and enchanting.

Feedback Presse

Manfredo has given free rein to his imagination and created with stones of all shapes, colors and sizes always new, impressive, large and small works of art. At every corner you can discover something new and I was thrilled, impressed and inspired by this “dream forest”…

On a huge area Deva Manfredo has realized his vision of stone art. I experienced this magical encounter with him and his world of stone in the midst of nature.

I am fascinated by this world of the spiritual, captured in natural stones and arranged and installed with infinite feeling and love.

Deva Manfredo leaves his art completely to the free play of natural forces. No mortar, no glue, simply stone on stone he builds his sculptures.

What impresses me so much is his elemental confidence that his works will remain standing, that the forces of nature, the storms and tempests will not harm them. If you want to experience another highlight, caught by the magic of Tuscany, you should not miss the stone installations of Deva Manfredo.

Three years ago, when I went on a walking tour of Tuscany with a group of course participants, I had several nice surprises, one of which stood out by far. We had already visited the famous Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint-Phalle and enjoyed a whole day in the art garden of Daniel Spoerri and did not expect any more increase.

But this came, as so often and unexpectedly, during a night visit to the most beautiful rock garden I have ever experienced. In the heart of wild Tuscany, not so far from Siena, the German artist Deva Manfredo has realized his vision of stone art in a huge area. We experienced magical encounters – a whole world of stone in the midst of nature – actually the whole world of the spiritual captured in natural stones and arranged and installed with infinite feeling and love. Thereby completely left to the free play of natural forces, no mortar, no glue, simply stone on stone with enchanting balance and often hard to believe… Whoever wants to experience another highlight, caught by the magic of Tuscany, should not miss these stone installations.

A great mammoth project by Deva Manfredo. Stones, trees and a few other things tell countless stories to laugh and think about. Definitely go there if you are traveling around Siena and are fed up with the well-trodden tourist paths.

The so-called “Dreamwoods” forest is very impressive and surprising. Anyone traveling to Tuscany should definitely stop by here.

A fantastic sculpture park – coupled with an incredible amount of hard work and passion. Manfred, originally an employee at the Osho-Miasto Centrum next door, began creating filigree cairns in 1981: The fields had to be cleared of stones, and from this a kind of cabinet of figures gradually emerged. The radius of the collection points also became larger and larger.  By the way, 80% of the work put in goes into collecting the boulders. Walking through the park is also intended as a meditative exercise. Short texts on written boards (also in English and German) bring the meaningfulness of life and nature close.

A route that is both physical and metaphysical: immersed in this overgrown dream piece, the spectator-runner, if he is able to leave behind him for a few hours the noise of the century, will have the distinct feeling of walking a so-called “esoteric” (if not an “initiatory”) path within himself….

Deva Manfredo’s stones are parts of an imposing mosaic that involves all dimensions of space, with symbolic figurations, mysterious paths, disturbing statues, palaces and fairy-tale temples, and finally even cities with complex architectural structures, where you can find courtyards, passages,towers and battlements, monumental gates…