Stoneart of Deva Manfredo

Just one thing happens here:
I compose stones, put them from horizontal
to a vertical direction together,
and I put them, without glueing them
cementing them,
without cutting or
breaking them.
I compose freely and spontaneously.
I work only with equilibrium and gravity.
The stones are chosen individually with care.
They are right, like they are, when I find them.
No sculpturing is involved.
The stones are solid, silent, very old, patient,
passive and without defense.
Nature owns an incredible multitude and individuality
in her creative expression.
Nature, stones will live much longer then us,
like they saw passing by thousand generations of mankind. They were, are and will be.
They are the most ancient material on earth -
the bones of the world.
My intervention is a little moment in eternity.
They are incredibly old and authentic ...




Il Parco di Sculture
Selva di Sogno

di Deva Manfredo fra Siena
e Casole d'Elsa
indir.: Osho Miasto - Pod. S.Giorgio    
53012 Chiusdino (Si)  

Information and Bookings:   
tel.(0039)- 333-4330183 


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